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Let The Flood Waters Flow Thru

ThruFlow Decking and interlocking panels are designed to be a finished decking product for most all indoor and outdoor structures. Made from virgin materials and no recycled materials, ThruFlow comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is perfectly suited for decks, docks and walkways where light penetration is an important consideration.

ThruFlow is currently offered in three colors; Light Grey, Sea Foam (Off-White) and Maple (Beige). Color is consistent through the entire material.


ThruFlow is made from virgin plastic reinforced with mineral fiber and contains no recycled materials. The use of premium virgin plastic allows ThruFlow™ to offer increased load bearing and flexural stiffness properties. This allows ThruFlow™ to be used on 16” centers, like most existing structures, without the need for further support. ThruFlow is recyclable (subject to local regulations).

ThruFlow™ has a limited warranty. The ThruFlow™ limited warranty offers coverage against material defects in workmanship and materials, and against rot, decay and termite damage. The total life expectancy for ThruFlow™ interlocking panels is dependent on U/V Exposure. Accelerated age testing is ongoing and to date we know of no environmental factors that harm or cause significant deterioration to ThruFlow™.

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