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Rebuild Right.

 Marine Structures Engineered To Weather The Storm 

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GCMS:  Gulf Coast Marine Solutions

New Waterfront Materials for the Gulf Coast

Over the past several years we have witnessed a shift in the attitudes of customers facing building projects. These changes in attitudes are largely due to the emergence of new state-of-the-art materials and construction methods. Now more than ever, people are giving serious thought to longevity of materials and in some cases environmental stability issues that are important when working around the waterfront. Now, more than ever, affordable materials that address longevity and environmental stability are available to customers. Gulf Coast Marine Solutions offers environmentally safe, sustainable, long-lasting construction materials suitable for use in both marine and non-marine applications. Projects related to docks, piers, ships fenders and soil stabilization benefit greatly from these products and materials.

Based in Texas, GCMS owner Peter Clark and his associates bring decades of experience in marine industrial projects to the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida. Gulf Coast Marine Solutions offers advice and materials for both municipal and private sector projects, and both engineering and construction management services are also available. 

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  Hurricane Sally Testimonial 

This video, by Dale's Marine Construction, shows the types of products we sell and installations we are involved with all over the state of Texas.  We help you build marine structures that endure using the latest technology available.  So, if you are starting a new build, addition or rebuilding from one of the many terrible storms we have encountered, give us a call or email us below.

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